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    My name is Brooke Costello and I’m a wife, mommy, and artist. My passion for illustrating started as a young girl drawing on walls and has progressed to digital mediums . I attended the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale and graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Fashion Merchandise. Even though I wouldn’t go on with a career in fashion, the entire industry continues to fuel my passion and drive much of my creative design.

    My family is my life! I am mother to two incredible children who remain my ultimate inspiration. My son, Cole, is eight and my daughter, Lilly, is five. When my daughter was diagnosed ASD at 18 months, I stepped back from much of my illustrating for a period of almost a year but found my way back to my passion with time.

    I am here now with a new vision in creating inclusive and whimsical illustrations with a focus on taking beautiful moments and applying my stylistic approach. Through my art I hope to spread kindness, joy, inclusion, and love.

    You will always find new work daily on my Instagram @LittleThingsCustomCo

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